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WHY WORK WITH NextPath Legal?
A focus centered on the protection and preservation of firm assets and clients.
A proven 360-degree, all inclusive, written succession & contingency plan.​​
All plans include a full review of essential risk management elements to manage the planned, the unplanned, and the "what ifs".



A Succession Plan is used to address the inevitable changes in leadership a firm may experience due to retirement, resignation, illness, or death.

In planning for the inevitable, NextPath Legal takes into account the four most important constintuents of a solid firm plan: the partners, the clients, the successors, and the firm. 

A Contingency Plan takes into account that sometimes things don't always go as planned ─ unexpected accident, disability, or death.

NextPath Legal's approach to contingency planning helps to ensure that as the "what ifs" of life occur, your firm is prepared to act rather than simply react.   

By 2020 more than 50% of the legal workforce will be age 55 and older
Only 26% of law firms have succession plans in place for their key leadership
More than 60% of law firms claim to be relying on an informal or ad hoc process if needed
Source: Legal Management January 2018
Our consultants have helped many of our clients with succession planning through the years, but the formation of NextPath Legal takes succession and contingency planning to the next level. We are thrilled to be working exclusively with ALA, and with the GLJ team to do something unprecedented that will help firms all over the country tackle this serious planning challenge from every angle. 

Debbie Foster, Partner, Affinity Consulting Group